Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Sweat Angels

Thank you CFM athletes for all your check in! Even though we have only been doing this for two weeks, you all funded vitamins for 78 babies so far and we still have today to go!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Final finishes from the Battle!

Athletes were awarded points for their finish, first place received one point, second received two points, etc. Athletes with the lowest points at the end of the day win! Below are finishing place, athlete's name, and total points.

Women's Scale Masters

1st- Tawnya Hunter, 6

2nd- Mary Hughes, 13

3rd- Marshelle King,  15

4th- Carolyn Talbert, 19

5th- Vickie Herndon,  22

6th- Jeanna Glisson, 26

7th- Toni Parm, 29

8th- Ginger Ames, 32


Women's Scale

1st- Megan Pitts,  6

2nd- Nicole Gallimore, 15

3rd- Chanda Smith, 21

4th- Nikki Rhein, 30

5th- Laura Kelly, 43

6th- Brooke Foster, 46

7th- Casey Looper, 48

8th- Megan Roberts, 56

9th- Sam Bucy, 56

10th- Amanda Garvey, 61

11th- Ashley Dawson, 62

12th- Brandy Trice, 63

13th- Kaitlyn Whitewood, 66

14th- Brooke McCord, 67

15th- Kelly English, 69 (tie breaker)

16th- RaShae Davis, 69

17th- Laura Glisson, 72

18th- Elizabeth Rohrer, 74

19th- Latisha Waddell, 79

20th- Kayla Bebout, 80

21st- Hannah Fleet, 81

22nd- Jennifer Szyskiewicz, 82

23rd- Alexis Rudolph, 84

24th- Jasmine Bone,  87

25th- Lyndsay Schmidt, 94


Women's RX

1st- Lindsey Smith,  6

2nd- Andrea Hays, 18

3rd- Lexi Riley,  23

4th-  Whitney Gardner, 24

5th- Bethany Gingles, 27 (tie breaker)

6th- Amanda Fox, 27

7th- Lana Hammond, 28

8th- Irene Ross, 30

9th- Brittany Hargrove, 33 (tie breaker)

10th- Theresa Ridley, 33

11th-  Megan Underwood, 33

12th- Sydney Salyer,  44

Men's Scale Masters

1st- Art Bailey, 5

2nd- Kenny Ames, 8


Men's Scale

1st- Jared Elmer, 5

2nd- Josh Gosa,  12

3rd- Clint Hudson, 14

4th- TJ Hargorve,  19 (tie breaker)

5th- Sean Wilson, 19

6th- Paul Rohrer, 22

7th- Brandon Pate, 29

8th- Mason Stinnet, 32

9th- McKenna Wilkey, 35

10th- Jacob Bowlin, 38,

11th- Cole Kelly, 45,


Men's RX Masters

1st- Dennis McClain, 5

2nd- Mike Harlan, 9

Men's RX

1st- Ryan Walker, 17 (tie breaker)

2nd- Mike Ridley, 17

3rd- Mitch Tucker, 21

4th- Nicholas Jones, 24

5th- Nick Cook, 28

6th- Anthony Schmitt, 33 (tie breaker)

7th- Zach Tkach, 33

8th- Tanner Foster, 34

9th- Brent Owen, 35

10th- Tyler Taber, 35

11th- Nicholas Dues, 51 (tie breaker)

12th- Kartik Patel, 51

13th- Will Stahl, 57

14th- Brad Schillian, 59

15th- Bryson Elliot, 60

16th- Shawn Turner, 72 (tie breaker)

17th- Dakota Robey, 72

18th- Cory Curtner, 74

19th- Matt Oliver, 79

20th- Brian Conner, 80

21st- Michael Mason, 84


Men's RX+

1st- Chris Owen, 8

2nd- Alex Hays, 14

3rd- Jeremy McCord, 15 (tie breaker)

4th- Ryan Reid, 15

5th- Cory Jessup, 16

6th- BJ Barabas, 26


Ties were broken by looking at highest place finish athletes had.