Monday, June 22, 2015

Battle of the Boxes results

Thank you to everyone that came out to play on Saturday! It was awesome having so many friends and family in the box!

Special thank you to the following boxes for all your athletes and supporters coming down:
CrossFit Carbondale
CrossFit Dig Deep
CrossFit Jackson
CrossFit Martin
CrossFit Paducah
CrossFit Paris Landing
CrossFit Old School
Super City CrossFit
Vette City CrossFit

Men's RX Division
1st- Brandon Mooke, CF Carbondale
2nd- Kyle Balliet, CF Paducah
3rd- Tyler Taber, Super City CF

Women's RX Division
1st- Dana Bird, Vette City CF
2nd- Katherine Hendricks, unaffiliated
3rd- Megan Pitts, CF Murray

Master's Men
1st- Sam Steger, CF Murray
2nd- Paul Hessing, CF Paris Landing
3rd- Troy Shoemaker, CF Jackson

Scaled Men
1st-  George Herter, Super City CF
2nd- Jake Harper, CF Dig Deep
3rd- Bryan Moore, CF Paris Landing

Scaled Women
1st- Joanna Browning, CF Dig Deep
2nd- Alexis Rudolph, Super City CF
3rd- Laura Glisson, CF Murray

Master's Women
1st- Carolyn Talbeat, Super City CF
2nd- Jeanna Glisson, CF Murray

Monday, June 15, 2015

Battle of the Boxes WODS!

Here are the WODS for the 
3rd Annual CrossFit Murray 
Battle of the Boxes


6 minutes as many reps as possible

600 meter run
6 Clean and jerks 225/135
Max muscle ups in remaining time

Scale and Masters
600 meter run
6 Clean and jerks 155/85
Max pull ups in remaining time


Snatch ladder

Athletes have 60 seconds to make the lift and 10 seconds to transition. Any style snatch.



OHS 115/75

Scale and Masters

OHS 75/45
Hanging knee raises

10 minute time cap

All movements are Games standards.