Get Started with CrossFit Murray

CrossFit 101

Regardless of whether you are currently in elite physical condition or just starting your fitness journey, everyone who comes to CrossFit Murray begins in our CrossFit 101 class. Why does everyone begin in 101? The answer is simple: To ensure that your experience is safe, correct, and fun!  Our coaches work to make sure you receive quality instruction so that you maximize your time in the gym but in a safe and controlled manner. So what does 101 entail?

CrossFit 101 is a 12 session introductory course over the span of a month. You will learn CrossFit terminology, Olympic lifts, how to correctly track your progress, and take part in a nutrition education session. You will complete all 12 sessions in order, as each class builds upon what you learn. Once you complete all of the required sessions, you may then qualify to move on to our regular CrossFit program.

Space for our 101 classes IS LIMITED as class sizes are capped in numbers to make sure we can provide quality coaching to everyone. If you're interested in signing up for a 101 class, call or stop by and see us and we'll be happy to reserve you a space!

*Those who can demonstrate that they have completed a similar program to 101 at another CrossFit gym and would like to start in our group CrossFit program, please contact us so that we can learn about your experience.


Once you graduate from our 101 course, you're well on your way to outstanding physical fitness! Our CrossFit classes are offered six days a week at a number of times for our members to choose from. These classes are in a group setting where you workout to increase your own fitness level but have the encouragment of your fellow CrossFitters to help you complete the workout. Every day offers a new challenge to constantly strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. We don't rest on our laurels for just being average and neither will you. After a proper warm-up, we'll jump in to the day's WOD (Workout Of the Day). WODs include everything from box jumps, Olympic lifts, and running. After we complete the WOD, we'll gather to record the day's results and stretch to lower the chance for injury.

Personal Training

You've graduated from 101 and are completing those daily WODs in the group CrossFit classes, but you're still looking to reach that next level of fitness? Our personal training sessions will get you the results you're looking for! Working out one-on-one with one of CrossFit Murray's Level 1 certified coaches ensures that you receive individualized attention which will help you master your exercise technique and allow your trainer to closely monitor and advance your program. This is especially important if you are new to exercise, have special needs, or are looking to break through that plateau you've seemed to reach. Your personal training sessions will be a specially designed program specific to your needs and goals.