Friday, January 31, 2020

Your kidneys are fine.

PSA for friends that workout intensely. 
Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. 

If you go into your doctor for a routine check up and they do bloodwork, don’t panic if you get a call saying you have elevated creatinine levels and decreased kidney function. 

Most likely, you are fine. 

“Creatinine is produced in muscle by the nonenzymatic conversion of creatine and phosphocreatinine. The creatinine generated is proportional to muscle mass and is relatively constant.”

This tells us that if you have a higher than normal muscle mass, your creatinine levels will be higher than a normal humans. This could cause it to read elevated on a test, but it’s normal for you. 

Intense exercise breaks down muscles. If you are tested within 48 hours of a tough workout, your creatinine levels will be higher than normal. Again causing an elevated test result. 

Most likely, you are fine. Keep drinking water. Explain to your health care provider how active you are. Do your own research. Don’t panic and stop eating meat. 😂

I bring this up because I just got that call. Ummm I had my test done 72 hours after a comp and within 24 hours of a brutal leg workout. And I pack way more muscle than the average 41-42 year old So yeah, my creatinine levels were up.