Thursday, March 14, 2019

Morning everyone,

Many of you have reached out to us asking about getting started at CrossFit Murray. Your friends do it or you've seen it on tv and you are curious. But you are scared or intimidated because you've heard your friends talk about how hard it is or you've seen the top CrossFit Games athletes on TV and think you aren't in shape enough for CrossFit. You think you need to start walking or running for awhile to get in better shape to start with us. So that leads us to the question, when is the best time to start CrossFIt?



You DO  NOT have to be fit at all to start with us. Our job is to act as your personal coach to make a workout that fits your needs and your abilities RIGHT NOW. As you progress and advance, we adapt the workouts to fit your ever changing needs. 

Is it hard to take that first step and start? Sure it is. But we make step one easy. Just hit "send message" to this post and tell us what day you want to start. When you do that, you are only committing to 12 classes. That's 12 hours of your life in a month. That is less than 2% of your entire month! Come on, you can spare 2% of your life to be a better you, right?