Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Keith's CrossFit Story

During our August Bingo, we encouraged our members to share their CrossFit story. Here's Keith's.

Here it is, my Crossfit story.  I never thought I needed to do any type of exercise most of my life because I got my exercise at work.  As I hit my mid- 30's I realized that some sort of exercise was becoming necessary.  My wife Tracy and some of her friends had gone and tried different things, such as kickboxing and different cardio type classes and I had actually snubbed my nose at them because I honestly did not want to do anything in a class type setting for whatever reason.  Tracy and her friends started running preparing for a half marathon and were really excited about it, they ran two and could not stop talking about how much fun they were. So finally in the beginning of 2010, the year I was going to turn 40, I asked about going to the Wellness center to run on a treadmill and Tracy let me jump in on "her thing".  I ran my first half marathon in April of 2010 and ran my second in December.  Running became my thing.  Tracy, Connie, Sam and myself ran at least every other day and in August of 2011 talked about needing something more.  We tried a body weight cardio class and for the most part really liked it, but wanted more.
            The day I will never forget, September 7, 2011, I was at work and got a new claim for a guy someone we insure ran over.  I called the number for Jeremy McCord and a guy answered the phone BodyMods Murray.  I talked to him and told him I would come look at his truck the same day.  As I was writing the estimate in the parking lot I kept looking in the door and saw the rig, weight plates, jump ropes and the climbing rope.  After I gave Jeremy the check for the damages on his truck I asked, " what the heck is this place?" Jeremy went right into the Crossfit spill, I told him that myself and a few friends that ran together were looking for something that sounds like what he explained Crossfit was.  Well bring them over and I will let you guys have a free workout to see if you like it, came right out of his mouth.  That night while we were running I told everyone about this new place and everyone wanted to go.
            A few days later we show up for our free WOD, I believe it was a 200 m run with 21-15-9 pushups, air squats and body rows.  On my second 200 meter run I threw up and fell in love with Crossfit all at the same time.  We all signed up that night for more punishment.  For months, Jeremy kept telling us that we need to change our eating and we would see better results.  February 13, 2012, our first PZ challenge, 9 weeks, starting weight 206.4 pounds. I thought they were crazy making me eat all that food, but at the end of the nine weeks I weighed 180.5 pounds and continued on for several months and got down close to 170.  My weight has increased since 2012 but my body composition has changed as well.
            Crossfit became a way of life for myself and my wife, I always looked forward to the partner WODs that I could partner with her.  My non-Crossfit friends and family constantly gave me grief over why do you do that stuff.  My answer was it is something that I get to do with my wife, every day. I continued telling them that the results I had seen, I would get nowhere else, at one point I even got down to pants the same size as I wore when I graduated. 
            In the nearly 7 years that I have been at Crossfit Murray, I have seen gains that I don't feel I would have ever seen doing anything else or with any other coaches, the McCords have helped me reach goals that even at 30 I would have thought unattainable.  I am not a games athlete by any means but I am stronger, I am healthier, I am mentally clearer and it is all because of Crossfit.
            Since I was one of the first few members of Crossfit Murray, I have seen every person that has joined, I have made lifetime friends that most likely never would have been.  No one comes in the doors without feeling like family.  We all moan and groan, bleed and sweat, and encourage and motivate each other together.  The family type atmosphere, the constant changing programming and the great coaching has kept me coming back for 7 years. 
            Now when the kids are not working or at a school sport, our entire family has made going to the box a part of our life.  As a parent, I love the fact that there is something that we can all do together,  I thank Jeremy and Angie for going out on a limb and starting a gym that has been a valuable part of every members life.