Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kelly's CrossFit Story

As part of our BINGO game, we asked members to share their CF story. Here's Kelly's!

In February of 2014 I had become so bored of the mundane routine of the "globo" gym that I was about to cancel my membership. It didn't help that it was winter in Minnesota, so to get up early before work in the dark and cold to go to the gym, felt like an additional chore I just did not need in my day! However, I had tried all the at home video programs that I was scared to not have the membership, because what would I do to workout?! 

Well, my husband, with his military background had some experience in Crossfit. He pulled up a bunch of youtube videos on the website for me to look at. I truthfully was overwhelmed and nervous and thought there's no way I could do those things! But, what could it hurt to try?! Lucky for me, a Crossfit gym had opened just a few months earlier right down the road in my neighborhood. I started my foundations classes the next week. I was hooked. For the first few months I made some great friends and got used to a barbell! In November of 2014, my husband and I moved to Seattle for his job. First thing I did was find a Crossfit gym! I created a great bond with the coach there, he really pushed my training and interest to the next level, more than just a place to get a work out in. Starting working more and more on the skills of Crossfit and fell even harder in love. I was so hooked! I ended up getting my Level 1 and started coaching. About a year later we moved to Louisiana, again for my husbands work, and what did i do first? Find a Crossfit gym! Got into a great gym, got to join the coaching team, and continued on my own Crossfit journey. Fast forward two years and we end up in Murray Kentucky. You guessed it, first things first was to find a Crossfit gym. 

It has been almost a year and I have loved every bit of Crossfit Murray. As you can see a recurring trend in my story, Crossfit became so much more than just a workout. It became my hobby and a part of my lifestyle. Without Crossfit I would have never made all the friends that I have or grown so much as I have. It has brought my great opportunities through the people I have met and the activities surrounding the world of Crossfit. It is crazy what this one hour a day of your life can affect you and change you just by being pushed mentally and physically while being supported by the people around you. I have become such an advocate of Crossfit and am beyond thankful for all the communities I have been apart of. The stories are endless. I look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle and hope that many others get to experience and continue experience the joys of Crossfit!