Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Normal People Can't Have Abs

Did that title catch you attention? Did it make you feel a little smug and justified as to why you don’t have abs? I mean, of course you don’t have abs! You don’t have the genetics of those supermodels or CrossFit athletes. #notfair

Or did it irritate you a little bit because now you think you can never have abs? Like maybe you’ve always wanted abs, but now you realize you can never have them because you are, after all, a normal person.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you are right. If you are a ‘normal’ person, you will never have abs. Think about the average person in the United States. You know the ‘normal’ person. Does he have abs?

The normal person has habits and excuses that they resort to day after day that keep a layer of fluff around their midsections. ABnormal people have a set of rules and regulations that govern their healthy habits and keep those beautiful 6 packs on display.

Abs don’t magically appear because you wish for them. But you can become ABnormal and adopt the habits of those 6 Packers. Once you decide to no longer be normal, you can become ABnormal!

Take a look at these habits and see where you fall.

Normal folks
ABnormal folks
Go to the gym when it is convenient, when they have a spare moment
Fitness is non-negotiable. They have a workout routine and they schedule their lives to incorporate that
Exercise regularly, but don’t track food intake
Know that abs are made in the kitchen
Eat out for lunch daily
Bring their lunch and snacks with them wherever they go
Throw all healthy eating plans out the window on the weekend
Realize that the weekends are just as important to their goals as weekdays
Don’t weigh, measure and track foods eaten
Know their macro goals and consistently track each bite of food
Don’t eat enough protein
Realize that abs are muscles and you need to fuel them with protein to keep them strong
Don’t eat enough/cut calories excessively
To fuel their workouts and keep their muscles strong, ABnormal folks make sure to fuel their bodies every day.
Do 100 sit ups every day
Know you cannot spot train. To have strong, prominent abs, you have to eat right, have low enough body fat for abs to show and strength train.
Run for hours
Realize that cardio is important for fitness, but don’t do so much that they cannibalize the muscle they have.
Have kids/family/job and use them as an excuse
Objectively look at their obligations and schedule time for themselves. They set a good example for their family of self-care and health.
Treats every meal as a celebration and/or last supper
Treats every meal as an opportunity to get closer to their goals or to move away from them.
Dietary compliance is all over the place.
90% + diet compliance. People with abs do enjoy food and treats, but it is savored and enjoyed with the bigger picture in mind.
Eat a diet full of high processed carbohydrates
Acquires most all carbs from veggies and fruits
Whip into a fast food place because they are starving
Whip the car off the road and dig through their stash of healthy snacks they keep with them at all times.
Gives up after 15 days because rewards aren’t coming fast enough
Knows that this isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. There is no end point.

Now, I’m not saying normal is wrong. Normal is normal. Normal is fine! But if you really want abs, you have to reject normal and accept the ABnormal mindset. You have to adopt the ABnormal habits. You can no longer sit around and wonder why you work so hard, but don’t have abs.

If the ABnormal list looks a little weird and hard, trust me, it is! That’s why most people don’t have 6 packs! But it's not un-doable. It's just a mindset.

And don’t confuse ABnormal with neglecting your other life responsibilities. All of the things ABnormal people do can be done by anyone while still leading a full, balanced life.


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Originally published at Coach Angie's blog, Doodleturtle's Random Thoughts.