Thursday, December 8, 2016

What Happens When You Join A Regular Gym?

What happens when you join a regular gym?

You are so excited and motivated to finally get in shape! You head on over to the local globo gym, sign up for a monthly membership for a super low price and get a one hour personal training session teaching you how to use all the fabulous equipment!

The next day you go back and you spend an hour and a half. You don’t really get much done, but you used every machine at least one. You chalk it up to learning the gym equipment and tell yourself you’ll write a workout plan to follow from here on out.

Day three comes and you haven’t had a chance to write a plan, but that’s ok. You decide to go anyway and do cardio. When you get to the gym all the treadmills are taken so you ride the layback bike for 15 minutes and then get bored. You wander over to the leg press machine and do 10 reps at 135 pounds and call it a day.

Day 4 rolls around and you are super busy so you don’t make it to the gym.

Day 5 comes and you want to go to the gym, but you still haven’t had a chance to get that plan together. You go home and Google furiously for workout plans. You settle on one that promises to put 300 pounds on your bench and 500 on your squat in only 30 days. Boom! You are ready!

Day 6 you are all excited and ready to go! You get to the gym and realize you forgot your shorts and shoes. Go home.

Day 7 and you are at the gym gearing up to execute your fabulous 'Get Ripped' plan! It takes you 2 and ½ hours to get through the list, but you did it!

Day 8 So sore you can’t get out of bed and you pulled something in your back because you went too heavy with the Smith machine squats. No gym today.

Day 9 Too busy, you’ll go tomorrow.

Day 10 Kids are sick. Can’t go to the gym today.

Day 11 …….. Day 12 …… Day 45……Day 75…..Day 125 You haven’t been to the gym in months, but hey, you are still paying for it and you might go tomorrow, right?

CrossFit Murray is different! The workouts are tough, but the concept is simple. We design the workouts for you. We coach you through the movements and we guide you through appropriate scaling and modification. Not just on your first day, but every single day. We know our athletes and their abilities and tailor every workout to each individual.

The New Year is approaching and you may be thinking about improving your fitness. We would love to have you at CrossFit Murray. Contact us today at or stop by one afternoon. You'll be glad you did!