Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Should I RX Or Scale?

Many times you look at the whiteboard and think, "Should I RX this WOD?"

Well, sometimes you have to remember that can and should are two totally different things. 

Let's say the WOD is


6 front squat 185/125
6 burpees over the bar

You are an average CrossFitting male who's clean max is 205 and front squat max is 225. 

Can you RX this? Yes.

Should you RX this? No!

You have to think of the intended stimulus of the WOD. In the case, the reps are small and the rounds are short. The intention is for a moderately heavy weight that you can still move fast. Short and sweet. 

If you try to RX this, you'll be cleaning 90% of your max each time you pick it up. That's not moderately heavy. That's heavy. And you won't be fast. 

You will turn what's intended to be a short burner into a strength session. 

Your coaches have a reason for the workouts they plan so that you get a variety of stimuli. Short, long, heavy, light, aerobic, anaerobic, gymnastic-y, dynamic, etc. Trust them.   

So remember, can and should are two different things. When in doubt, ask your coach. That's what he/she is there for.