Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pound For Pound Lifting Challenge!

Thanks so much to everyone that came out last night for our Pound For Pound Lifting Challenge and congratulations to the winners!


17U  Bella Swain, CrossFit Murray

18-29  Karson Johnson, Racer Nation CrossFit

30-39  Angie McCord, CrossFit Murray

40+ AnneMarie Tanner, CrossFit Murray


17U Sam Utter, CrossFit Murray

18-29 Ben White, CrossFit Paris Landing

30-39 Josh McCaslin, CrossFit Paris Landing

40+ Brad Scillian, 270 CrossFit

Overall Women

Angie McCord- 236.16% of body weight

Overall Men

Ben White- 272.30% of body weight

Stay tuned for award pictures and action shots from Stacy Frett Photography.