Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 CrossFit Christmas Gift Guide!

Are you a CrossFitter with a clueless family? Or do you have to shop for a CrossFitter and have no idea where to begin? Here are 16 great ideas at many different price points! 

3-2-1 SHOP!

1)    Demon Bell $60- $175- One of these would definitely make your CrossFitter Smile! Prices vary depending on weight, but generally men want a 53 lb and women want a 35 lb. If those aren’t enough for you, add in a really cool Demon Bell Key Chain $29.99 
2)    Muscle Clamps $9.29- Every gym provides clamps for the barbell, but some of us like to whip out our own pair. You know, just to look boss.
3)    Junk headband $14-$24 -Men and women agree these headbands are the best! They are made in the good ol’ USA in Bentonville, Arkansas!
4)    RPM Jump Rope $49.95- This is one bad mammer jammer jump rope! For a little extra $$, you can get it personalized for your giftee!

5)    Natural Grips  $23.98- The first time your hands rip in CrossFit you are kind of excited. The second time though you realize it sucks and you need some hand protection. Try these!
6)    BioFreeze $10.49- Growing muscles are often achey muscles. BioFreeze to the rescue!
7)    Nanos from $99- Because CrossFit is a cult, we all must dress alike and it starts with our shoes. Get your CrossFitter a pair of Reebok Nano’s asap so he/she can fully fit in.
8)    MetCons from $120-  But wait, if your CrossFitter is more of a rebel, he/she might want to go the Nike Footwear route. These are the latest CF shoe on the scene and your hipster might be down with that.

9)    Rogue Fitness Lifting straps $13.50- When you lift big weight, lifting straps help you out. These are by Rogue Fitness and are super sexy in their simplicity.
10)     King Kong Gym bag  from $129.00- These are the ultimate gym bags. HUGE and very organized. Show your love for your CF’er by giving them a BIG OL’ BAG!
11)    Gym Boss Interval Timer $19.95- When your CrossFit cutie wants to do a Tabata or interval sprints, this little timer is a great tool!
12)     Food scale $7.95- When your macro game is strong you need a food scale. When your macro game is weak, you still need a food scale.

13)    6 Pack Meal Bag $71.95- If the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, then this bag will get you in deep! The meal management bag keeps food organized and cool all day long!
14)      Nubs  $9.95- saving the nubs from hookgrip since 2013
15)        Athletic tape 16.50- The distress call of the CF athlete, “Does anyone have some tape?” 
16)    CrossFit 2015 Invitational Shirt $32-$35- Because, 'Merica

Comment below and let us know what you are getting or giving!

1* CrossFit is not a cult
2* Some of these are affiliate links and we get a few pennies if you shop through these links
3* Prices are accurate as of this posting