Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The 3 numbers you should know by heart.

Yes, you know your Social Security number.

You know your phone number and address.

You know your pin numbers.

But when your coach looks at you and says, "Load up 65% of your max back squat.", do you know that number?

As a CrossFitter, there are 3 numbers you absolutely must know by heart. You should be proud of them and be able to rattle them off at any time. Yes, we have technology like Wodify that  keeps track of our results, but that is meant to be an accessory to your memory, not a replacement of it.

The three numbers you should know by heart are as follows:

  1. 1 Rep max back squat.  This number is critical to you getting the most out of your workout session. If you know your 1RM, you know how hard you can push on a set of 5 or 10 or on an EMOM. And this will be one of your biggest maxes, so you should definitely know it just for bragging purposes! It's also fun to look at different people and guess whether you could back squat them. If you don't know your max, you can't play that game. 
  2. 1 Rep max clean and jerk. The same reasons above, except now you can guess whether or not you could pick something  (or someone) up and throw it overhead! Be proud of this number as well, most people walking around town CANNOT do what you can do! Bonus points if you know your full c&j and your power c&j. 
  3. 1 Rep max snatch. All of the reasons above, plus you get to talk in public about how big your snatch is. Or how your snatch is wonky. Or how your snatch needs some work. Again, bonus points if you know your full and power numbers. 
The only exception to this rule is if you've only been CrossFitting for a little while and don't know these maxes because you haven't done them. However, after a week or two of CrossFit, you will have done all of these movements at least once either in a strength or metcon session so you should have a number, even if it is only the 15 pound barbell. 

Parents of CrossFitting teenagers, make them learn their own numbers. They are AWESOME kids because they are putting in hard work every day and trying to get better. Encourage them to record their numbers in a note on their phones if they can't seem to remember. Wodify might not always be around and we don't want them to have no idea of their abilities. If you are a fairly liberal parent, maybe go for a fun family tattoo session after each PR to record the momentous occasion. That would make a pretty awesome arm sleeve.......

Of course, there are other numbers you may want to know. Front squat max, deadlift max, shoulder press max, etc, but most of these can be extrapolated, if need be, from the 3 numbers above. 

Now, go forth, PR and remember it!