Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 ways to improve your health and dispelling the BS excuses that accompany them

Here are the five ways to  improve your health and wellness. And five rebuttals to the BS excuses we all give for why we "can't" do them.


Fact: You need 8-10 hours per night

BS: "I don't need that much sleep" "There's no way I can get that much sleep" "I function just fine on 5-6 hours"

If you want to improve your life, you need to sleep. Sure, you may be functioning on less, but you aren't living up to your full potential! 

When you are not getting enough sleep your body can't fully repair from the stresses of the day. You are hungrier. You gain weight. Your performance in life suffers. You are an angry troll. 

While 8-10 might truly be difficult for some people, anybody can cram in 15-30 more minutes. Organize your life better so that bedtime is a routine. Get off social media. Get off the caffeine. Put on your pajamas. Write everything down that's on your brain before laying down.

Compliance of diet

Fact: What you eat on a consistent basis matters a great deal

BS: "I can't afford to eat healthy" "I don't have time" "I don't like vegetables"

In a perfect world, yummy, healthy, delicious food would just magically appear in our refrigerators for our consumption. But that will never happen so you have to take care of yourself. You don't have to go hardcore right off the bat, but you do need to commit to changing your diet for the better. 

Pick one or two things that will work for you and commit to them. Maybe you could....

Commit to going to Kroger's salad bar instead of McDonalds once a week. The price is the same. The time it takes is roughly the same. 

Commit to cooking 3-4 pounds of chicken on the weekend to eat for lunches. The cost is less than you'd pay for 2-3 chicken sandwiches and the time and effort to cook is minimal. 

Commit to tracking your calories for three days. You may be surprised by what you see.

As far as vegetables, suck it up buttercup and eat them. You are an adult, not a five year old. Being picky isn't attractive or practical. 

Then STICK TO IT! A week of healthy eating can be completely erased in one day of binging.

Move more

Fact: Americans sit on their butts all the time. Moving more, even incrementally, gives huge benefits. 

BS: "I have a desk job" "I'm constantly driving my kids around" "I'm old, I hurt"

If you have a desk job, stand up when you are on the phone. Take it up a notch and practice standing on one foot. Squat even!

When you get up to go to the restroom, take the longest route and do a few jumping jacks once you are finished (of course, if it's a communal restroom, you might get some weird looks!)

If you are in the car, at every red light squeeze your butt really hard til the light turns green. Or pinch your shoulder blades together really hard. Tap the steering wheel to the music. Seat dance! If you really want to get crazy and illegal, pull a "Fire Drill" at the red lights! (WE ARE JOKING! DO NOT DO THIS!)

And old people, you hurt because you don't move, not because you are old. 

Look at your typical day and try to sneak in more movement. 

Commit to a workout 

Fact: Very few of us workout with enough regularity and intensity to illicit optimal results.

BS: Basically every other BS statement on this page, just reword it to apply to working out.

Of course, we are biased and feel that CrossFit is the best way to improve your GPP (general physical preparedness), but we recognize that everybody is different. You can run. You can lift. You can do yoga. You can be a pole dancer. You can do parkour. Whatever it is....DO IT REGULARLY! 

However, start off easy. Don't go balls to the wall three days in a row and then quit because you are so sore you can't function! A good coach will help ease you into working out safely.

If you can't afford a coach, no worries. There are plenty of great quality videos on YouTube for yoga and aerobics that you can do for free with no equipment. And walking and running is always free! 

If you are planning to lift, CrossFit  or do other highly technical movements, it is highly advised you save up a bit and work with a coach. Yes, you can do it in your garage, but it's really easy to adopt bad habits in form that could lead to problems down the road. 

And again, you must commit. Working out every now and then is better than not, but you will get very little results.

Manage Your Expectations 

Fact: You didn't get out of shape and fat in one month, you aren't going to get a rocking body in a month.

BS: "This injection program will make you lose 30 pounds in 30 days!" "I was perfect with my diet and only lost 1 pound!" "I'm so bad at this, I'll never get better!"

Hey, if you want fast results, you can get them. And then you'll find yourself worse off than you were before when you gain it all back and then some. If quick fix programs really worked, everybody would be skinny and fit, duh! 

To truly see results and have a health impact, you have to commit to a lifestyle change. Slow changes mean lasting changes. It's not easy, it's not sexy. It takes hard work. 

Make peace with the fact that it's a long road and it will be challenging to truly transform your life. Lower your expectations of instant results and be nice to yourself. Understand that anything worth having takes work.