Sunday, May 4, 2014

Podiums from Battle of the Boxes

Women's Scale Masters

1st- Tawnya Hunter, CFM

2nd- Mary Hughes, SCCF

3rd- Marshelle King, CFDD


Women's Scale

1st- Megan Pitts, CFM

2nd- Nicole Gallimore, CFM

3rd- Chanda Smith, CFM


Women's RX

1st- Lindsey Smith, CFM

2nd- Andrea Hays, LBCF

3rd- Lexi Riley,  270CF


Men's Scale Masters

1st- Art Bailey, CFM

2nd- Kenny Ames, LBCF


Men's Scale

1st- Jared Elmer, CFM

2nd- Josh Gosa, SCCF

3rd- Clint Hudson, 270CF


Men's RX Masters

1st- Dennis McClain, CFDD

2nd- Mike Harlan, CFM


Men's RX

1st- Ryan Walker, CFM

2nd- Mike Ridley, SCCF

3rd- Mitch Tucker, CFM


Men's RX+

1st- Chris Owen, CFDD

2nd- Alex Hays, LBCF

3rd- Jeremy McCord, CFM