Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Are you cherry picking your WODS?

We know you all love to look at Wodify and see what the WOD is.....and we all know that SOME of you look at Wodify and then decide whether or not you are coming to class. BAD IDEA! If you only come on days that have movements you like, you will see NO PROGRESS! The days that you look at the WOD and want to throw up, those are the days you need to have your ass here, because only in working the weaknesses will you see the results you desire. Think of Rich Fronning in 2010 with "the rope incident". Obviously, climbing a rope was a huge weakness of his. Do you think he went home and never climbed a rope because he wasn't good at it? Uh...no. He worked that weakness like nobodies business and is now a three time CrossFit Games Champion. When you sign up.....COMMIT!