Thursday, November 28, 2013

What we at CFM are thankful for

What we’re thankful for,

Jeremy and I met when I was 15 and he was seventeen. A year and a half later we got married and shortly thereafter were blessed with a beautiful daughter. We are thankful that our parents helped us out so much and have always supported us in whatever we wanted to do. Both of us came from families that owned businesses and Jeremy knew someday he wanted to own his own business, too. But as we all know, God’s timeline isn’t always our timeline. It was frustrating to know you have a calling, but not be able to fulfill it. Flash forward a few years.

Jeremy and I were both working out at CrossFit Paris Landing and Tracey, the owner, encouraged us to open our own box in Murray. We are thankful to her and the CFPL family for all the support they gave us as we started this venture. In fact, CFPL sent Tanner and Channing (our first athletes) to us!

And again, we are thankful to our families that promised we could move in with them if we lost our rear ends!

We are thankful that one night in Wal-Mart we ran into Mitch and Tammy and convinced them to give CF a try. We are thankful that our truck got run over the night before we opened and Keith was the insurance adjustor that came. We are thankful that Rollie didn’t die during FGB and became our first “extra” coach! And we are thankful that next came Denver and April and Sam! And Dennis for a bit!

And we are thankful that each and every one of you trusts us with your fitness! You have a choice as to where you go, but you choose us! We are thankful that the good Lord put all of you in our path, no matter how you came to us. We trust that everything happens for a reason and we are thankful for every step along the path.

We didn’t know 20 years ago when we met that we would be living this dream, but it is AMAZING! THANK YOU all for making CFM an amazing place to be!