Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do you get enough Vitamin D? Why does it matter?

A recent British study suggests that athletes with low Vitamin D levels are at risk for more injuries than those with adequate levels.

"With over 77% of the general population considered vitamin D insufficient, it’s likely that many athletes fall into the same category. Research has suggested vitamin D to have a significant effect on muscle weakness, pain, balance, and fractures.......Not only does vitamin D assist in growth and maintenance of the bone, but it also aids in regulation of electrolyte metabolism, protein synthesis, gene expression, and immune function. These vital functions are essential for all individuals, especially the elite and recreational athlete. "  (Ogan & Pritchett, 2013)

At our latitude and this time of year, it is impossible for us to produce sufficient Vitamin D. Consider talking to your doctor about getting your levels tested to see if you need a supplement.

Vitamin D and the Athlete: Risks, Recommendations, and Benefits

Dana Ogan * and Kelly Pritchett

Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science, Central Washington University, 400 E. University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926,