Monday, October 14, 2013

Why do we have CrossFit 101 and why is it a month long?

Everyone that begins CrossFit at CFM is required to go through our CrossFit 101 program that last a full month. We do this because we want you to-
* have an opportunity to learn good, foundational movements with little to no weights and lots of attention.
* have technique before intensity.
* have an experience that is fun and challenging, but safe.
* have sufficient time to begin to develop the neurological patterns that facilitate many of our movements.

At CFM we believe in QUALITY over quantity. Yes, we could run everyone through a quickie-crash-course-in-CrossFit and have large enrollment numbers and make everybody happy because they could start CrossFit TODAY! But we don't. We consider the quality of coaching and programming that we offer extremely high, and we will not compromise that.